Hostel "Peter I"

Hostel "Peter I" is located a 10-minute walk from "Partizanskaya" metro station in the territory of Cultural-Entertainment Complex "Kremlin in Izmailovo". The closeness to the metro station and reasonable prices make our hostel a great choice for both individual travelers and groups. Friendly stuff, clean and cozy rooms, quiet and ambient surroundings create a comfortable atmosphere for your stay.

Cultural-Entertainment Complex "Kremlin in Izmailovo" where our hostel is located is situated on the bank of the Serebryano-Vinogradny ("Silver-Grape") pond, one of the oldest city ponds created in the 17th century. The wooden architectural ensemble was re-established in 1998-2007 by drawings and engravings of tsars' residence of the 16th -17th centuries. In the territory of the complex multiple museums and craftwork shops are located and many city feasts, fairs and festivals are held. During weekends guests of our hostel may find themselves dipped in events of the exhibition and fair of fine and decorative arts, traditional Russian crafts, antiques and souvenirs "Vernisage in Izmailovo" located within the territory of "Kremlin in Izmailovo". Vernisage is a town of craftsmen and artists from all regions of Russia. It is the entire complex of trade rows which is already more than 20 years old.

Our guests also have a chance to get acquainted with amenities of natural and historical park "Izmailovo" — one of the largest forest areas in Moscow. Architectural monuments of the 17th century are preserved in the territory of the park. There was once the Moscow royal country estate where Peter I spent his childhood years.

Hostel is located outside the city center, not far from "Partizanskaya" metro station. You can reach any area in Moscow for 20-40 minutes. Various cafes, restaurants and shops are located in the metro station area.